Homelessness, Mental Health, Substance Abuse

This being an issue which impacted Jeffi at the most personal level, she has positions and solutions which come from an immediate family experience.


The components of the issue must be separated and segregated with solutions which address each separate component. Resources must be dedicated accordingly.


Criminal Justice Reform enacted to reduce the number of those in our State Prisons without adequate re-entry programs or mental health programs has resulted in flooding our communities with thousands of non-functioning, mentally unstable and often violent individuals.


The reduction in penalties has proven to be detrimental to those with substance abuse challenges, as the reduction from Felony charge to a misdemeanor, has removed the incentive to seek treatment as opposed to jail time. The end result is the number of drug over doses and deaths are in the thousands.



Like so many in California, the passage of AB5 has proven to be a full-frontal assault on the ability of Independent Contractors to earn a living. While some enjoy the benefits of being a member of a class that has an exemption, many thousands in over 150 Industries has been impacted in a negative and punitive manner.  AB5 must be Repealed!







The spirit and letter of the original prop 13 must be protected. Any abuses or inequities which may be within the system can be addressed without abandoning the framework and protective measures of Prop 13. 

A “Split Role” effort designed to eliminate Prop 13 protection for commercial property is not the answer and must be defeated.




The best advocate for a child is their parent. Children and Parents have a right to the best education possible, whether is be Public,

Private, Charter or Homeschooling.


The best advocate for a child’s health is their parent and their physician.


I fully support Parental Rights and Informed Consent.


There are many other issue to address but without a doubt, these are my priorities.



Prop 13

Parental Rights