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Repeal AB 5

Protect Prop 13

Reform Prop 47


Homelessness – sound resolutions


Expand Mental Health resources


Protect Private Property Rights


Protect Parental Rights


Expand and Protect Educational Opportunities


Reform Administrative Code 


Expand Access to Insurance


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Jeffi Girgenti

45th Assembly District



Endorsed by Kevin Kelly

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Jeffi Girgenti is a small business owner, homeowner . She has resided in the 45th Assembly District for several decades. Her father was a Police Officer in the City of San Fernando.


As an equestrian and horse owner, she supports and respects the rights of individuals to maintain that lifestyle and property rights. 


As a dog owner/lover she supports and respects the rights of those “without a voice” when it comes to the humane treatment of animals.


As a homeowner she supports property rights and the right not to be overtaxed or having one’s rights infringed by over development.


As a small business owner, she is a strong advocate for the rights of those hard working individuals who step up to do the same.



The Recycling Industry is at the core of the efforts to reduce landfill waste, community blight and revenue to hard working individuals. 


Recycling has been at the genesis of efforts to provide an income source for hard working individuals.  Many immigrants who are accustomed to working hard at jobs which may not be glamorous, but are vital to the community as a whole, have found a calling in providing a service which enables them to create a lifestyle for their families.


Many Recycling Operations are small family owned businesses.  They provide opportunity for thousands of individuals who collect and sell the “fruit of their labor” to these Recycling Companies.


Given the value of their service, the need for the income source; why is the Recycling Industry in California under siege with an avalanche of rules and policies coming out of Sacramento that are causing many to close?

Why has the Temporary Leadership in in the Governing Body of the Industry been without Steadfast Leadership and without accountability?


Why are so many policies being pursued by multiple emergency extension rather than sound sustainable guidelines and procedures?

Recycling, vital, necessary and in need of sound, sustainable and fair governance.


Jeffi Girgenti Candidate for Assembly District 45.

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